Active Shooter 

We the expertise to deliver both classroom and practical training delivered by experienced former Law enforcement operators with real world expertise to walk through studies scenarios to educate clients on most effective options to survive these type of attacks in either the workplace or while traveling.  Our instructors are recognized in the industry as some of the best in the business.

Tactical Driving 

Our teams who deploy this expertise have traveled the world over again to train some of the world’s elite security teams military and Law enforcement units in the world and have the expertise to tailor to your specific needs. We will teach the clients the basics of vehicle dynamics and avoidance as well as escape and evasion techniques.

Surveillance/ Security Awareness and Detection 

Knowing the indicators of Hostile Surveillance is a key component of the protection of human and physical assets anywhere in the world. Our teams of experts have traveled to the ends of the earth training thousands of people in the every sector to better understand the phases of an attack and how to mitigate risk associated with the process. This program is best taught in a 3-5 day classroom and practical exercise environment.

Facility and Route Assessments 

Knowing what your Threats and Risk are the key to securing your future, and our teams of subject matter experts are able to hit the ground running in any environment and identify your needs for mitigation and provide you with recommended protective measures to help you provide a safer environment for your staff while working abroad. The assessments can require 3-7 days boots on the ground and then 1-3 weeks to deliver a finished product.

Table Top Scenario 

Because of our years of real world experience and belief in “You fight like you train” we can custom build our clients scenario based training to allow them to be tested while dealing with a crisis specific to their industry to allow them to build the needed policies, procedures and protocols to handle a crisis while in a controlled environment. We build the scenario and then moderate the exercise while capturing the strengths and weaknesses while delivering the best practices for moving forward for future operations. Our teams have done this around the world for thousands, and we believe beyond a reasonable doubt that it saves organizations money and lives while building teamwork and better understandings of what they provide their clients.